Speakers Invited for an AA2020 Special Session: Status of U.S. Marine Finfish


The organizers of a special session, Status of U.S. Marine Finfish: Capacity, Resources and Partnership Opportunities to Advance U.S. Aquaculture, during Aquaculture America 2020 invite presentations from academia, non-profits, agencies and the farming community to present on successes and challenges of public private partnerships. Speakers should include information describing what resources and capacity are available to develop public private partnerships. This could include specialized laboratories and programs, demonstration sites, key species, expertise, production systems, and partnership services, lease spaces, and agreements. A summary of these assets will be an outcome of this special session  
If you are interested in speaking during this session or would like additional information, contact Megan Davis (mdavi105@fau.edu).  The session organizing committee includes: Megan Davis, Paul Wills, Kelly Lucas, Mike Denson, Caird Rexroad III, Mike Rust and Paul Zajicek.